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Understanding national and global trends is vital to guiding your local economy, but you will also need to know exactly where your local economy fits. 

For starters, our Economic and Demographic Profiles will give you a deep understanding of your community. These detailed, highly visualized reports will cover:

  • Population trends

  • Migration

  • General demographics

  • Income

  • Housing

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Industry growth

  • Entrepreneurship

Sample Report: Clay County, MO

Our customized Local Economic Snapshot will keep you current on your community’s local data and let you know how you are trending.

The local snapshot is customized to your needs but will generally provide you with the latest, local data on:

  • Economic growth (GDP)

  • Employment

  • Unemployment rates

  • Industry growth

  • Wages

Data availability varies on the area.

Work Sessions - Coming soon

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